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Food Services
Rich Mofield
89 West Hill Street
Wabash, IN 46992
(260) 563-0661 x 1249
Fax: (260) 563-6082
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday
Email: rmofield@wabashcounty.in.gov
Website: foodservices.wabashcounty85.us
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Name of Report Last Updated
COVID PRESS RELEASE - 11/20/202011/20/2020
Retail Food Permit10/23/2017
Temporary, Annual, Seasonal, Value Added Food10/23/2017
Annual Permit - Event Reminder04/14/2014
Additional Unit(s)12/30/2014
Farmers Market Information Sheet and Permit Application12/03/2014
IN Egg Board Retail Certificate of Registration02/09/2011
2021 Food Safety Training Schedule/Application12/21/2020
2021 HHC Indiana ServSafe Classes11/04/2020
2020 Food Safety Training Schedule02/07/2020
2020 HHC - ServSafe Course Schedule11/22/2019
Pink Leaf ServSafe12/04/2017
Frequently Asked Questions05/10/2018
Wabash County Food Ordinance 2007-85-106/14/2017
410 IAC 7-2406/14/2017
Food Inspection Reports
Food Inspection Results (Digital Health Department Public Portal)08/01/2017
2017 Food Inspection Results06/22/2017
2016 Food Inspection Results06/22/2017
2015 Food Inspection Results06/22/2017
Plan Reviews
Submission Of Plans06/19/2017
State Design Release06/19/2017
Refrigeration Storage DMR 8-31-06300506/19/2017
Plumbing Definitions06/19/2017
Plan Review Questionnaire06/21/2017
Plan Review Pricing06/19/2017
Instructions For Plan Review Questionnaire06/19/2017
Health Report Policy06/19/2017
Floor Plan Example 206/19/2017
Floor Plan Example 106/19/2017
FDA Food Establishment Plan Review Guide06/21/2017
Certified Food Handler Tests06/19/2017
Certified Food Handler Information06/19/2017
Bacteria Control Chart06/19/2017
Air Gap06/19/2017
Electronic Code Books For Packet06/19/2017
Construction Requirements for Food Establishment06/19/2017
Prerequisite for Operation and Submission Plans02/09/2011
Plan Review Information Sheet06/19/2017
Food Safety
Consuming Raw Milk01/23/2019
Food Safety at Temporary Events02/09/2011
Guidelines for Boil Water Orders, Advisories or Notices02/09/2011
Boil Water Guidelines06/14/2017
Food Safety during Power Outages02/09/2011
Outdoor Safe Grilling Tips02/09/2011
If You See Something - Say Something02/09/2011
Are Easter Eggs Safe?02/09/2011
Recognition and Verification of Food Safety Inspection Officers02/09/2011
ISDH Hepatitis A - Food Facilities04/05/2018
Food Borne Illness History Form06/19/2017
Guidance of HEA1311 Alcoholic Beverage Service 7-1-1506/19/2017
Farmers Markets
Home-based Vendor PHF Products08/28/2018
Home Based Vendors Basics04/05/2018
Farmers Market Information Sheet02/09/2011
Farmers Market Information Sheet and Permit Application12/03/2014
Indiana Guide for Preparation of Fruit and Vegetables02/09/2011
Facts on House Enrolled Act (HEA) No. 130902/09/2011
Guidance for Uniform Use of House Enrolled Act 130902/09/2011
Miscellaneous Information
What Food Volunteers Need To Know About Manual Dishwashing02/09/2011
Thermometer Calibration02/09/2011
Temporary Food Safety Guidelines02/08/2010
Temporary Food Establishment Checklist12/14/2009
Portable Handwashing and Dishwashing02/09/2011
Manual Utensil and Equipment Washing02/09/2011
Information on Sewage Backup02/09/2011
Food Safety Activity Book06/14/2017
Food Analysis and Nutritional Labeling Contract Laboratories02/09/2011